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Welcome to the website for Science Fiction & Fantasy author CM Fick

Currently seeking representation for her sci-fi thriller, CM Fick (she/her) is also drafting a new stand-alone (with duology potential) sci-fi thriller manuscript with the goal of finding an agent who will champion her work. She also writes as Drea Kellen, Middle Grade author

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In September 2019, CM launched the writer community QueryConnection. It is a place for writers to share their submission & publication materials for critique & learn by critiquing others' in return. Since it's launch, it's expanded from submission material critiques to a go-to resource & community for nearly 500 writers. We strive to be an inclusive community for both experienced writers & those just starting out. 

On top of being an SFF writer, CM is also a designer. You can find out more about her experience & view her portfolios on the Design Services page.



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