Writer-In-Motion Week 4

Week Four: This week I edited my flash piece, HOMECOMING, based on EDITOR feedback. These editor edits showed how awful I am at my commas, and where I needed to fill out a little more information for the reader to connect with my MC. Below, I've shared Jeni's comments on my 3rd draft and beneath that you can read my 4th and final draft of my flash piece which came in at just over 1100 words after edits. Next week I'll do up a brief wrap-up on my thoughts and the overall experience so make sure to check back for that. Homecoming Draft Four (Editor critique) The radio crackles, speakers buzzing to life for the first time in eighty-six days. I sit bolt upright, my breath catching in my throat,

Writer-In-Motion Week 3

Week Three: This week I edited my flash piece, HOMECOMING, based on CP (critique partner) feedback. While I didn't agree with everything from the handful of critiques I received, I did stop and look at what each comment could signify. While some of the suggested fixes wouldn't work for any number of reasons (largely word count restrictions), I made sure to pause and really look at each instance to see if I could figure out what made them stop reading and how I could fix it. Some of the general feedback I received on several critiques was that the reader wanted more of the character. And they wanted to know more about what the apocalypse was. Sorry folks, I am not telling, but I hope this ne

Writer-In-Motion Week 2

Week Two: This week I self-edited my flash piece, HOMECOMING, and wow, I struggled with getting the opening just how I wanted it. And I'm still not entirely sure I am fully on board. Usually, this type of editing is already done through my drafting process (which is explained in the Challenges of Week 1), so it was difficult to get my thoughts back into the moment I was trying to capture in my first draft. I was fortunate to receive some encouragement from the community in that I'd captured the hopeful energy I felt while writing this piece. Thank you, mclarkua, @tmnstories, & @StephWhitaker80 for your comments. I hope *fingers-crossed* I've been able to keep that in Draft 2. Next week for D

Writer-In-Motion Week 1

Week One: This week I drafted my flash piece, HOMECOMING. This story took shape in my mind after sitting on the prompt (you can find out more about my first impressions in the Week Zero post) but getting the words on the page proved more challenging than I'd anticipated. Not because of the short word count, I enjoy writing flash pieces, but because The Rules state that you need to keep your first draft in all it's messy glory. Which is not how I draft. I write and delete probably more than double of what ends up on the page, and while that does slow me down, it's my process and one I found very hard to break for this exercise. Below you'll find a little more about this week's triumphs and ch


Writer-In-Motion Week Zero #WriterInMotion is a month-long event where writers draft a short story based on a prompt (more on that below) and each week revise, first on their own, then with peer feedback for the second and third drafts. Lucky raffle winners have the opportunity to revise the third draft based on a professional editor's feedback, and I was fortunate enough to win one of these coveted spots. Each week I'm going to post a revised version of my 1k flash fiction piece here on my blog, and write a little about my challenges and triumphs as I write and edit my way through this process. I'm excited about the upcoming month, and what I'll learn about flash fiction and my own writing



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