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Audience: Adult

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Status: Completed - Querying

Planned 5-book series

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As the only elemental in Pangaea, Ember was once able to smite armies with torrential storms and turn the earth molten beneath their feet. She was a champion, a defender of two worlds, but now her power and status are gone.


Ember, created by the Light’s faction, learns she stood against the Dark King in a great battle in order to save a world she was created to protect. To win, Ember used the elements within herself to forge a lock on an interdimensional door and end the war once and for all. But something went wrong, and she accidentally put herself in stasis. Now, a thousand years into the future, she wakes with no powers and with parts of her memory missing. And the Dark King is trying to get through the doorway once again, with plans to enslave the world on the other side.


Despite her missing memories, Ember wants nothing more than her elemental powers; without them she’s incomplete. Her nightmares warn of a darkness encroaching on Pangaea. While she was in stasis, the Dark King created a second elemental, Vashti. With Vashti upsetting Pangaea’s delicate balance and the darkness offering Ember chaotic power to replace her missing balanced elemental magic, Ember must find a way to reconnect with the elements. Or, lose herself to the lure of darkness and become the type of being she’s lived her life fighting against.


FROM ASHES OF THE PAST is a 125,000-word, multi-POV, adult epic fantasy. With lyrical writing similar to Forest of a Thousand Lanterns, the story’s intricate world and mythology will appeal to fans of City of Brass.

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The Elements

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Elements pin sheet earth
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Elements pin sheet spirit
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The Elements
Pangaea Map

Pangaea Map

pangaea map updated 2019
Character Art

Character Art (Click to enlarge)

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