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Audience: New Adult

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy

Status: Completed


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Published 2011 by Bad Caveman Publishing

"Just after I was born, my mother met the man who would be the reason for my end and the reason I would have a new beginning. No one would have believed that fate could be so cruel to mark me and lead me down a path I neither understood nor wanted but in the end it is what completed me."

Madison Samuels has unknowingly fallen in love with the vampire who made a deal with her mother nineteen years ago. When she finds   herself in a whirlwind romance with Xander Crane, her loved ones start to question his secretive nature forcing Madison to face the  biggest crossroads of her life.


Will she choose the path of love or the path of reason?


Is the choice really hers?

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Mark of Fate
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“I died for love, but love, in the end, is what saved me. I do not regret my path of choice; I get a chance that not many do; to be with the one I love… Forever”


Life as a vampire is not as easy as Xander makes it seem. There are many things to learn and many rules to follow. When Madison discovers, that by  turning her, Xander committed a crime punishable by death, old friends and unlikely allies come forward to assist in the effort to keep her with her beloved.


Will they be able to save her and end the tyrannical reign of the council?


What will be the cost?

Out of Print
Burden of Fate
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"I fought against my fate, wanting to carve a path for myself. In the end, I lost to its will. Fate was gracious, and bestowed onto me the legacy I had always dreamed of, but would never allow myself to hope for."


After unleashing insatiable monsters into the mortal world, Madison, along with Xander, Lillias and The League, must find a way to stop them - before they expose the secret of the   supernatural world they have, for so long, kept carefully hidden.


In their time of need, will the mother of all vampires come to her children's aid?


Or will she leave them to find their own way as she did centuries ago?

Out of Print
Legacy of Fate
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