“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.”

Neville Brody


Graphic Design Services

All graphic design, regardless of type, is based on five key elements:

  1.    Balance for stability and structure

  2.    Hierarchy to create organization and direction

  3.    Alignment to create a sharper, clearer outcome

  4.    Repetition to unify and strengthen

  5.    Contrast to generate impact and highlight important areas

Brand Development

Enhance your brand with a total package. Have a brand story and strategy developed along with a complete graphic language created for your business. 

Prices start at: 


Visual Content

Add custom graphics, illustrations, banners and videos to your site.

Prices start at: 


Digital & Print Marketing Material

Have professional digital and print marketing material designed in a variety of layouts. 

Prices start at: 


Other Graphic Services

Edit Image

starting at $75

Let a professional customize and edit your images.

Palette Swatch

starting at $25

Get a custom palette swatch based on your brand. 

Social Media Banners

starting at $200

Have coordinating banners across all your social media platforms (pinterest, facebook, twitter, youtube) *Limited to one round of edits or revisions

Custom Logo

starting at $100

Get a stunning logo created for your brand.

3-D Book graphics

starting at $150

Boost your site traffic by getting listed on search engines.

Store Settings

starting at $100

Set up shipping, taxes and/or payment methods.


Package Breakdown

Brand Development

Starting at:


Your brand is not your product, your logo, your website, or your name. It is far more encompassing — it defines all aspects of your company identity. It is how your customers/clients view your company. 

Brand Development includes:

  • A Brand Strategy:  a long-term plan for developing a successful brand presence in order to achieve specific goals.

  • A Brand Story: A brand story is the narrative behind the purpose of a product. More than just marketing, a brand story answers the who, what, and why of a brand.

  • Palette: Consisting of five (5) base colours, a palette will be carried through your website, media, and marketing material. It will help define your brand to the customer. 

  • Logo: Have a custom logo designed to fit into your brand. 

  • Typeface: Keep font consistent across your marketing, logos, and media in line with your brand. 

Visual Content

Starting at:


Visual content is online content that's primarily image-based. Common forms of visual content include pictures, diagrams, charts, infographics, online videos, screenshots, memes and slide decks.

Work with the designer to have branded visual content for everything you need to ensure consistency within your brand. Included in the service is a 30 minute call with the designer to ensure all graphics are in line with your brand story and palette. 

Digital & Print Marketing Material

Starting at:


Have professional digital and print marketing material designed in a variety of layouts which include, but are not limited to: 

  • Business card template

  • Letterhead template

  • Brochure template

  • Flyer template

  • Direct mail template

  • Email promotions

  • Social media promotions

*Does not include print costs



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