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Audience: Adult

Genre: Science Fantasy

Status: Completed draft - Editing


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Single-mother, Ren, is far too busy wrangling her toddler and paying her ever-late bills to worry about the upcoming human sacrifices. That is until an itchy moss-like rash develops on her collarbone, marking her as the next sacrifice her man-made planet needs to maintain its lush and idyllic conditions.


While Ren believes the increasingly popular theory that the sacrifices are not necessary, it’s unproven and untested. So when she’s marked, all she wants is to hide from the government with her son. But it isn’t long before they show up at her doorstep and she’s thrown into their whirlwind schedule of parades, galas, interviews, and medical tests. The thought of leaving her son to grow up without a mother is devastating, but without the connections to prove another way exists, Ren can’t rebel against the government for fear they will keep her and her son apart.


When the opportunity presents itself, Ren connects with an influential politician who proposes a secret plan to send his own son, the second sacrifice, and Ren into hiding while he prepares to cheat the system. She doesn't trust him, but she'll do anything to guarantee a future with her son. Except, without the sacrifices, the planet’s climate takes a drastic turn for the worse. With the military on her heels; millions in danger from the shifting climate; and the shady politician altering their deal, Ren must risk leaving her son behind to prove there is another way. She needs to demonstrate the planet’s continued prosperity while also giving her the chance at a future where she can see her son grow up.


GREEN DEATH is a 100,000-word standalone adult science fantasy with creepy nature elements reminiscent of Jeff VanderMeer's Southern Reach Trilogy.

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