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Green Death | Sci-Fi Thriller



Marked as the next human sacrifice to keep her planet green, single mother Ren must become a fugitive to prove the deaths aren't necessary. If she can’t prove it, she’ll never see her son again.

#A #SF #T

Summer of Cicadas | Sci Fi Dystopian 

in progress - drafting


When Whitley Dylan wins the lottery to get off her ash-plagued planet, she hesitantly packs her bags. But when she stumbles on what’s really happening to the winners, she must expose the truth about what’s in the rations or end up as part of the foodchain. 


Desolate Homecoming | Sci-Fi Horror

in progress - on hold

After 6 runs & more than 200 Earth years, Cargo Officer Tella Sands finally saved up the credits to get her frozen daughter the lifesaving surgery she needs. Except on returning home, she finds Earth dark & strange beings on the surface who want to eat her. Fighting her way across a deserted world, Tella must get to her daughter's facility & off the world again or end up like the rest of humanity. 

#A #SF #H

Nomad | Fantasy

in progress - on hold

Wanderer holds the key to an ancient machine that will force humanity into the next stage of evolution. She must keep it from the strange military force appearing in the nuclear waste zones abandoned years earlier or watch her world go through a second nuclear war.

#A #F

Elementals | Fantasy

drafted - queried

Ember wakes to find her balanced elemental powers gone & her nemesis plotting genocide. When darkness offers Ember its chaotic power she must choose between mending the connection with the elements or take the easy way out.

#A #EF

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