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Harper's Five | Contemporary 


10yo Harper is moving. Again. This time to a homestead 8hrs away. She must find a way to make friends with the bully next door or spend a summer in miserable isolation

#MG #C

Alien RV'ing | Sci-Fi Adventure

in progress - drafting

Luca’s set to have a miserable time RV’ing with Dad and his new wife. What he gets instead is an adventure to help a tiny alien gather the pieces of his crashed spaceship and the way to mend his hurt over his father’s betrayal.

#MG # C #SF

Folklore of the CopyCat

in development

When Sammie summons a spirit, she doesn't understand the chaos she's unleashed. It's up to her and her friends to put the Copy-Cat back where it came from. 

#MG #H

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