The form is the structure, the architect of something whereas a function is the product of a structure which plays any specific role. 

A sense of balance is important in any graphics because if the image is not balanced, viewers will not understand where to look at. In such situation you will not be able to communicate the message that you want to convey. 

The use of visual elements is a key component in creating visually appealing websites, outstanding user experiences, and leads to engaged users and site conversion.

Keywords are crucial for every business website because they bring web traffic to your business for FREE. 

Applications (or apps) help developers negate the need for specifics. Apps facilitate a businesses in influencing their online presence, which in turn creates good relations with the customers. 

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Visual Elements
Form vs Function



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Website Design Services
Website Design: Get a unique design for your site. Have it looking exactly how you want your customers to see your brand. 
Online Store (eCommerce): Have an online store built to showcase your products and promote your brand.
Other Web Design Tasks: Get specific tasks on your website completed such as connecting a domain, setting up business email, installing apps, updating sites, analytics, SEO, and more. 

Graphic Design Services
Brand Development: Enhance your brand with a total package. Get your logo designed, and have a complete graphic language created for your business.
Visual Content: Have custom graphics, illustrations, and banners, created for your site.
Digital & Print Marketing Material: Get templates for business cards, letterhead, email promotions, social media promotion, and brochures. 
Other Graphic Design Tasks: à la carte graphic options such as, custom logos, image editing, palette swatches, and social media banners. 


Cas Fick is experienced with both graphic design and web design. She is proficient in all aspects of the design process and understands what a website needs to reach its market. Able to create graphics for her projects and adjust photos to suit any design, Cas can save her customers the additional cost of sourcing these elements elsewhere. 

Cas is experienced with most common design programs including:

  • Dreamweaver (8+ years experience)

  • Photoshop (8+ years experience)

  • Flash (obsolete) 

  • Template hosts, like Wix & Squarespace (5+ years experience)

    • 2020 became member of the Wix Partner​ Program as a designer. 

  • Other skills listed below


She's accomplished in XHTML, CSS, and HTML5. She has also taken courses in design principles, preparing wireframes, and completed several design studies.

If you are looking for design services, please feel free to reach out via the Contact form. For projects not listed, please contact directly for a quote.

You can find Cas' designs live at the following sites:



Design principles:

  • Form vs. Function

  • Gestalt

    • ​similarity

    • continuation

    • closure

    • proximity

    • figure/ground

    • symmetry & order

  • Visual Elements

  • Balance

  • Colour

  • Composition



  • How to prototype and implement original, beautiful, functional designs

  • Techniques such as:

    • Accessibility

    • Micro Formats

    • Typographic Style

    • Grid-Based Design

    • Positioning

    • Multi-Column Layouts


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)​

  • Setting keywords to drive traffic to your site

  • Getting sites listed in Google

  • Expert MS Excel user for site forms

  • Site maps



  • Setting up and using Google analytics to analyze traffic

  • Google form creation and management

  • Using mailing programs like MailChimp or other similar newsletter applications

  • Setting terms & conditions, use of cookies, disclaimers, acceptable use, and privacy policies

*Please Note* I prefer not to work in WordPress as I find it unfriendly and overly complex for regular users. 


Cas really helped me with my website! I was completely lost, and she helped me so much with everything. She listened to all of my suggestions, and was very open to helping me when I didn’t know what to do, and she kept true to my vision and what would work for me. She even helped me with graphics, which I have no skill in, and was so kind and helpful. I felt very safe in her hands, and would gladly hire her again!

The Query Connection forum is "stunning in terms of its structure and activity."

Wix Forum Research Manager & Wix Project Manager

The brand development and set-up Cas helped me with for my business was imaginative and bang-on for what I was looking for. Not only was she expedient, efficient, and helpful, but she is also very talented with a good eye for design. 

Rob Moss, Owner/ Operator of NS Sherlock Boat & RV Repair




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