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Design Services

Your website tells the user so much about you and your brand. Don't let your website fail in bringing in the customers you want. Cas specializes in author & small business websites so please don't hesitate to contact her for an exact quote. A consultation call is also available on request for a $50 fee. 

Find out Cas' qualifications & testimonials below, or view her portfolio.


Author Website

An author website is a critical tool in an author's toolbelt. It helps readers connect with them and their other works. Don't miss out on book sales because a reader can't find the information they're looking for.  

Pricing: $250 - $500 

Please contact Cas below with details of your project for a quote

(48 hour turnaround for quote and up to 3 weeks for designs once booked) 

Small Business Website

In today's age, it's critical for small businesses to have a website and social media presence. This is your first contact with many customers and you'll want it to be clean, concise, and easy for users to navigate. 

Pricing: $500 - $800

Please contact Cas below with details of your project for a quote

(48 hour turnaround for quote and up to 3 weeks for designs once booked) 

Logos & Branding

A logo is not only unique to you and your brand, but it's primary goal is to help people immediately identify your product. See Branding for more info. 


Pricing: $100-$400

Your brand is not your product, your logo, your website, or your name. It is far more encompassing — it defines all aspects of your company identity. It is how your customers/clients view your company.

Pricing: $400

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Cas Fick is experienced with both graphic and web design. She is proficient in all aspects of the design process and understands what a website needs to reach its market. Able to create graphics for her projects and adjust photos to suit any design, Cas can save her customers the additional cost of sourcing these elements elsewhere. 

Cas is experienced with most common design programs including:

  • Dreamweaver (10+ years experience)

  • Photoshop (10+ years experience)

  • Flash (obsolete) 

  • Template hosts, like Wix & Squarespace (8+ years experience)

    • 2020 became member of the Wix Partner​ Program as a designer. 

  • Other skills listed below


She's accomplished in XHTML, CSS, and HTML5. She has also taken courses in design principles, preparing wireframes, and

completed several design studies.

If you are looking for design services, please feel free to reach out via the contact form. For projects not listed, please contact directly for a quote.

You can find some of Cas' designs live at the following sites:

OR view her portfolio for all images



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Design principles

  • Form vs. Function

  • Gestalt

    • ​similarity

    • continuation

    • closure

    • proximity

    • figure/ground

    • symmetry & order

  • Visual Elements

  • Balance

  • Colour

  • Composition


  • How to prototype and implement original, beautiful, functional designs

  • Techniques such as:

    • Accessibility

    • Micro Formats

    • Typographic Style

    • Grid-Based Design

    • Positioning

    • Multi-Column Layouts

(Search Engine Optimization)​

  • Setting keywords to drive traffic to your site

  • Getting sites listed in Google

  • Expert MS Excel user for site forms

  • Site maps


  • Setting up and using Google analytics to analyze traffic

  • Google form creation and management

  • Using mailing programs like MailChimp or other similar newsletter applications

  • Setting terms & conditions, use of cookies, disclaimers, acceptable use, and privacy policies


Cas did it all for my website – literally. She took my input and custom designed a logo I love, worked with me to decide the perfect font and color scheme to match my work, gave me layout options to meet my vision, and took time to explain the ‘why’ every step of the way. Top-notch work for a great site, and I couldn’t be happier. 

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