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Now available in paperback!

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

When the Dead Rise Series 1: The Beginning is now available in paperback.

A collection of 12 linked short-stories, Series 1: The Beginning follows the initial spread of a virus that not only kills those infected, but also reanimates their corpses. Unable to satiate their hunger, the infected are turned into relentless pursuers of the living.

A little history on the series... I love zombies. When I first came up with characters and a brief overview for a trilogy, I outlined the project but wasn't able to start right away due to others currently underway. When I needed to take a step back from the other projects, I picked away at the first short story, Patient Zero, as a way of defragging my brain. From there, the project grew into a serialized short story collection, with 24 initial shorts planned. With each new story, I wrote from a different character's perspective and while some stories are linked, there are also some are stand-alone shorts. Life, however, tends to get in the way of our best intentions and soon I was unable to keep up with my other projects, the serial, and life.

Now that I'm back to writing, I won't be continuing with the serialization of the next 12 stories – I'm sorry to those of you who were hoping this would be the case. Don't worry though, they will be written and released in Series 2: the Spread, which I'm hoping to release later this year.

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