#ThursdayAesthetics Protagonists

In an effort to keep all my lovely #ThursdayAesthetics in one place, I've decided to post them here. You can also find them posted weekly on Twitter.

This is my #ThursdayAesthetics for Ember & Vashti. They are the main character's in the Elementals series and while they are the same in theor composition, are opposite in many ways.

Ember is a thirteen-millennia old Greater Elemental who, after becoming a seal in a portal to stop her nemesis the Malidorcha King, is cut off from the very elements she's created from.

Vashti is less than thirteen centuries old, but her inexperience compared to Ember's, doesn't mean she is any less powerful than the first Greater Elemental. Vashti's personal goal is to be free of the Malidorcha King to find her own destiny.

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