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#ThursdayAesthetic Family

This week's theme for the #ThursdayAesthetic is Family and the Elemental's series has several complicated family dynamics, but I chose to focus on Ember, Vashti, and Kleist's families.

The Teln Matriarch and her King Consort split long ago, not only did their split divide their race but it created a ripple-effect which also divided their world. Ember and Vashti are on opposite sides of this rift. There are so many different stories of heartbreak and betrayal, but also of loyalty and love that I could tell about this family. Perhaps one day, I will.

The Archmage and Grand Mistress lead the Magi. Their twin son's, Kleist and Kallistos (deceased), were set to lead the next generation of Magi, but Kallistos' death and Kleist's banishment changed their retirement plans. While there is only one secret about this family in their past, their story lies in the future of the series., and it's one I can't wait to tell!

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