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#Write4Life coming May 4, 2019!

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

#Write4life Returns!

#Write4Life is a fundraising event for writers that will give away everything from full manuscript critiques to personal query responses to books in exchange for donations starting at $5 (see 2019 prize list here).

Donations in 2018 totaled over $2500 to benefit Puerto Rico relief efforts, while in 2017 we raised over $1700 to help a fellow author overcome an illness. This is our third year and our goal is to break $3300 for The World Literacy Foundation!

How It Works

TO ENTER: Donate at least $5 to our event GoFundMe. Prize drawings will happen throughout the May 4th event, and donors will be entered to win every prize that is drawn after they donate – so donate early! You will get one entry for a $5 donation, two entries for $10, five for $25, ten for $50, and twenty for $100.

TO WIN: Once you donate and fill out the form, you’ll be entered in every drawing of the genres/prize categories you selected (except those that happened before you donated – we can’t break the laws of time and space, unfortunately). You need not be present or tuned in to win. If you win a prize, we will check that your donation information is correct before awarding you that prize. If you win two prizes, you will be removed from further drawings to allow for others to win. There will be Twitter games throughout the day that could result in your winning a third prize. Winning the flash fiction prize also does not count towards your raffle total.

DONATING EARLY: You can donate before May 4th here

Event Schedule:

Donations open now

May 4th, 2019 Schedule:

  • Twitch Live Stream: TBA

  • #10Queries Twitter Storm: TBA

  • ​Contest Winners Announced: TBA

  • Twitter Games: TBA

TIME AND PLACE: #Write4Life will take place on May 4th, 2019, in the Twitter feed of @writevent and partially via live stream.

DRAWING SCHEDULE: TBA. Every time the listed milestone is reached, we will begin drawing for the items listed below that amount. Please note that, if the end of the event is two hours away and we are not close to reaching the higher prize tiers, we will begin to give them away after single donations come in. The goal is to incentivize as much giving as possible, but if our $3300 goal is out of sight, we will still be giving away all of the prizes!

Got Questions? Want to donate prizes? Feel free to message Mica @writevent or @micascotti or Cassandra @cm_fick on twitter or email write4lifeinfo at gmail dot com

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