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Pitch Wars 2019 #BoostMyBio

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

This is my first year trying out for Pitch Wars and I'm excited to be entering my latest ms. I’ve spent so long working on my epic fantasy that this new science fantasy project has energized me in a way I hadn’t expected. You can usually find me on Twitter @CM_Fick and on Instagram @cmfick. The Pitch Wars community has been amazing and I'm thankful for all the new connections I've made. Looking forward to reading all the other #BoostMyBios!

About my WIP

Working Title: Green Death

Genre: Adult Science Fantasy

Pitch: Ren has no time for human sacrifice, until she discovers a mossy rash—the mark of the next offering. Torn between raising her son & centuries-old tradition, Ren must become a fugitive to prove a radical new theory before she's sacrificed to the planet #A #SFY


*at the time of posting this to my blog my query is still being workshopped, so please keep that in mind

Ren's planet is lush and idyllic but the price of prosperity is high. Every twenty-five years, two humans must be sacrificed, and any day now the next offerings will be chosen. Thank goodness she’s exempt because her own grandmother gave her life last reaping. Ren’s far too busy wrangling her toddler and paying the bills to worry about such matters that don’t concern her. Until she discovers an itchy moss-like rash growing on her collarbone—the mark of green death.

When the news gets out, the government rips Ren from her life as an average single mom and throws her into a whirlwind schedule of parades, galas, interviews, and tests—lots of tests—while all she wants to do is spend her last days with her son. Ren, who doesn’t believe in the necessity of the reapings, is devastated by the thought of leaving her son motherless since his deadbeat father couldn’t care less.

Meanwhile, Sato, an influential political candidate, approaches Ren and proposes a secret plan to send her into hiding and con the sacrifice. She doesn't trust him, but she'll do anything to stay with her son. As it turns out Sato doesn't understand the ancient tech at the planet’s core and soon tells Ren he needs her to come out of hiding to help him. On top of that, without the sacrifices, the planet’s climate has taken a drastic turn for the worse. With the military on her heels and Sato changing the deal, Ren must decide if it’s worth the risk to trust a man she knows is lying if it means the chance to see her son grow up.

About me:

I am a wife, mother, writer and Canadian. I also am the co-host and admin for the Twitter event #Write4Life. While I love all aspects of the creative process (from sculpting to painting to drawing to photography), writing is my true passion.

Some fun facts:

  • My first book was initially meant to be a graphic novel

  • My favourite movies are Alien 1-3, Starship Troopers, and Beauty & the Beast (live-action or cartoon)

  • I'm awkward AF (but I feel like this is an authorly trait shared by many)

  • I have an obsession with house plants (it may or may not be a problem)

  • The grey in my hair is natural (I started to grey at 18)

  • you can find my #PWPoePrompt here

  • I like to read pretty much anything under the SFF umbrella, horror, and mysteries. Some of my favourite authors are Kelley Armstrong, Mira Grant/Seanan McGuire, Stephen King, Jeff Vandermere, and Lois Lowry

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