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Well hello, it's been a while.

Not only has the website been updated (do you like it?) but I've also announced the release of my Writer's 1-year Planner Journal.

You can find out all the details of it here. It's something I designed with myself in mind, and instead of hoarding it, I decided to self publish it to share with other writers who also struggle with time management and tracking. The undated interior is full color with 12 monthly and weekly planners.

I've also been busily working away at a new manuscript that I'm hoping to finish for NaNoWriMo. It currently sits around 40k and is comped as Soylent Green meets Dead Space. I'll be pitching it in February when I attend Superstars Writing Seminars! (but more on that in a later post)

The Pitch:

When Whitley Dylan wins the lottery to get off her volcanic planet, she hesitantly packs her bags. But when she stumbles on what’s really happening to the winners, she must expose the truth about what’s in the rations or end up as part of the food chain.

That's about all the news I have for now. Oh, other than I can now be found on TikTok as @cm.fick where I'll be posting videos about time management and more about the planner journal. I'll still be on insta @cmfick so be sure to follow me there too.

Leave a comment below with the area you most need help in with time management and keep an eye on this space for all updates on the book launch and seminar.

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